Three SIM Only

Three SIM Only

We love this offer for two main reasons: you won’t have to be tied to an annual contract, and you get loads of free services every time you top up.

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Our Three SIM Only Review

The moment we spot a new Three Mobile offer, we can’t help but get our hands on it to test it out. The offer that caught our eye is the new SIM Only offer. Knowing Three for their excellent mobile and broadband services, we expected another superb offer. So how did it turn out? Is the SIM Only offer worth it and what does it offer exactly?

We love this offer for two main reasons: you won’t have to be tied to an annual contract, and you get loads of free services every time you top up. The SIM Only Offer is a continuous one-month contract that you can discontinue whenever you want. So how can you get started with the Three’s SIM Only Offer?

There are a few steps you must go through to ensure your phone is compatible for this offer and that all the related settings are valid. You can easily check if your handset is compatible by using the compatibility tool available on the Three Mobile website. If you wish to take advantage of the free Skype calls, your phone must also support Skype.

If you’re not familiar with Skype, it is a VoIP service that enables you to call people using the internet free of charge regardless of your location. At the moment, Skype is one of the leading VoIP services as it is reliable with little downtimes.

In order to quality for this offer, your handset must be 3G compatible. If your current handset is only capable of running 3G, you will need to purchase a compatible 3G phone.

In addition to checking your mobile’s compatibility and 3G support, you must also make sure that your phone is unlocked. If you purchased your current handset from Three Mobile, then you’re set to go. If not, you can easily call your network’s operator and ask for the unlocking code known as the Depersonalisation Control Key (DCK).

Once you’re done with this step, your mobile phone is ready to be used. You can easily order the SIM Only offer online. Upon receiving the SIM card, all you have to do is to insert the 3 SIM card into your mobile phone.

You can easily top up your card whenever you want by visiting a 3Store, calling 444 and paying via debit or credit card, or online.

With SIM Only you can also get two free SIM cards for you and a friend, family member, or partner. Once you activate the service, you can send unlimited text messages and free calls to other members of the 3 Network and Skype users.

We simply love Three’s SIM Only offer as it is convenient, affordable and easy to setup. Users who do not wish to commit to a network for a long period (in many cases 18 months or more) will find this deal very agreeable. You can easily learn more about the SIM Only Offer on the Three Mobile Network’s website.

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