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Affordable Social Networking: INQ Chat - Three's Newest Member

David Munro | 14 December 2009

We are pleased to announce the addition of the INQ Chat to Three Mobile Network’s handset line. Like its predecessor, the INQ 1, the INQ Chat comes with a great promise: great social networking features at an affordable price.

Available both in Pay As You Go and monthly contract, the INQ Chat is a flexible handset option. Starting with the handset’s design, we felt that the modern glossy look of the INQ Chat makes it simply irresistible. The flexibility of this handset is best exemplified by its 7 glossy back covers including colours such as matte black, sunflower yellow, lime green, and ocean blue. Upon first look, we couldn’t tell the INQ Chat from a BlackBerry. The general layout and frame of the INQ Chat is quite similar to that of the Nokia E71 and BlackBerry Curve.

Looking at the 2.4-inch screen, one can’t enjoy image viewing or simply texting a message. The colours are amazingly contrasted and the brightness is simply alluring. As the INQ Chat is designed with social networking in mind, the web 2.0 colours look as vivid as ever.

Using the widget-based home screen is an easy as 1,2,3. You can access your favourite applications without the hassle of going through endless menus. This of course improves the INQ Chat’s general performance and speed. The user interface’s simplicity is complemented by a boost in loading speed. One cool feature is the Twitter widget on the home screen that shows a live tweet stream.

Typing in a message to your friends is no longer a feat. The full QWERTY keyboard makes the INQ Chat a smart choice for those with a lot of socializing to do. The buttons are smooth and provide good feedback for users to feel comfortable with longer texts such as emails and notes.

The INQ Chat can’t possibly be complete without a camera. Use the 3.2 MP camera to capture photos and upload to your Facebook page or Flickr gallery. Document your clubbing nights and special occasions with one click and plenty of storage space.

If you’re surfing the web at 2G, the transition to the INQ Chat 3G will be a pleasant experience. The rapid speed of the 3G network enables users to access their favourite websites in a jiffy. The Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and Windows Messenger applications available will keep you connected no matter where you go.

Are you bored surfing the internet? You can listen to your music library for hours without needing to recharge your handset. The battery life saves you from frequent recharges and hunts for a power outlet.

Three Mobile Network’s inclusion of the INQ Chat is a smart choice both for the network and users alike. Not only is the handset reliable and feature-packed, it comes at a more competitive price in comparison with the BlackBerry and Nokia E71. Users on a budget will love the INQ Chat; who says staying connected should cost you an arm and leg? Meet the INQ Chat!

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