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HP Pavilion dM3: This Year's Most Popular Ultra-thin Laptop?

David Munro | 4 December 2009

As sad as we are to Samsung R720ís departure from the Three Networkís laptop line, we are delighted to announce its new replacement: the HP DM3. Such a choice marks a leap both in value for money and user satisfaction.

So why do we love the HP DM3 so much? A simple look at the HP DM3 tells it all. From its compact, ultra-thin frame, to its sophisticated design, we simply couldnít get our eyes off the HP DM3. But of course, you canít expect anything less with the Pavilion Series that never failed to impress in the design department.

This classy design is complemented with a 16:9 LED display. Youíll love watching movies day or night for the BrightView display is built for nonstop entertainment. The colours jump out with life and the crystal-clear audio quality resonates beautifully through the SRS-enabled speakers.

You canít just have fun watching movies. The HP DM3ís MediaSmart application is there to help you organize your music library and listen to your favourite tracks while you work. The well-spaced keyboard is ideal for rapid typing with a low margin of error.

Performance is HP DM3ís middle name. Look up its Intel Core 2 Duo Processorís benchmark tests and youíll be amazed. It operates Windows 7 with admirable speed. The dedicated graphics card enhances both your ordinary surfing experience and your gaming adventures.

Like every laptop in the Pavilion Series, performance under pressure is a must-have. Running several applications such as a virus scan, movie player, and active download, the HP DM3 holds up fiercely with no lagging or crashes in any of the open windows.

Of course you canít have the HP DM3ís multimedia features with enough space to support it. The 320 GB hard disk drive is the cherry on top. You can easily store thousands of songs, hundreds of movies, and your personal files. Add to that, the HP ProtectSmart is there to protect your laptop against falls and shocks thus ensuring the safety of such vast storage space.

Another handful integrated application is the HP PC Dock where you can access your favourite application shortcuts with one click. The beauty of HP DM3 lies in its power saving features. With such heavy multimedia usage, youíd expect the battery to die out within the first two hours, but the HP DM3 continues to run impeccably even with hours of Wi-Fi internet surfing.

Three Mobileís broadband offer provides the HP DM3 for free along with a complimentary USB modem stick. In the box, you will find the HP DM3, the userís manual, the power cables, and a 3 USB modem. The HP DM3 is ready for use out of the box making it easier for users who hate complicated procedures.

To sum it up, we absolutely love the HP DM3 and thank Three Mobile Network for adding it to its product line. You will not be disappointed by this thin, yet powerful laptop that continues to amaze us with its fantastic features.

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