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Three launch new website and Tariff improvements

David Munro | 4 May 2010

As of today, 4th May 2010, Three have launched their new look website, streamlining their Price Plans in the process. We say goodbye to the Mix and Match, Texter and old Internet Texter tariffs and welcome a new, simplified range of price plans.

Internet Talker

Starting today, as a replacement for their Mix and Match tariff, Three are now offering Internet Talker, which is available in four 'flavours' Internet Talker 100, Internet Talker 300, Internet Talker 500 and Internet Talker 900. Each Internet Talker plan offers an allowance of network minutes (anytime, any network) or texts each month, to be used in any combination you wish. For example, Internet Talker 300 will offer an allowance of 300 minutes or texts, Internet Talker 500 gives 500 minutes/texts and so on. All Internet Talker plans will feature Unlimited Internet (subject to Three's Fair Use policy) and Unlimited Three-to-Three calls.

To summarise, Internet Talker provides:

  • Unlimited Internet
  • A monthly allowance to use for texts or minutes (anytime, any network)
  • Unlimited Three-to-Three calls

Internet Texter

Texters need not fear. In addition to the benefits of the Internet Talker tariff, Internet Texter offers Unlimited Texts, which frees up your whole allowance to use as network minutes. Internet Texter is available in the same four versions as the Talker plans - Internet Texter 100, Internet Texter 300, Internet Texter 500 and Internet Texter 900.

To summarise, Internet Texter provides:

  • Unlimted Texts
  • Unlimited Internet
  • An allowance of Anytime, Any Network minutes
  • Unlimited Three-to-Three calls

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