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Toshiba T130: Ultra-Slim and Feature-Packed

David Munro | 2 November 2009

We are at the edge of our seats waiting for the Toshiba T130’s release. The new PORTÉGÉ series netbook has generated massive hype with its laundry-list features and stellar performance. Now available in piano black, peal white, and iron red, the Toshiba T130 boasts a beautiful exterior and a powerful interior.

The design is quite minimalist but accentuated by the overall glossy look. The look is fit for a designer’s closet but kept real with the Toshiba T130’s solid performance and portability. Like any netbook, The Toshiba T130 was designed with portability in mind. However, the Toshiba T130’s ultra-compact design and featherweight build makes it one of the greatest companions in the market. You will love carrying the Toshiba T130 while on the road as it safely nestles in your bag or knapsack.

The Toshiba T130 comes with the new Windows 7 that offers massive performance gains. You will simply enjoy the Windows 7 new interface coupled with the Toshiba T130’s processor’s rapid output. Playing movies on the Toshiba T130 is always smooth even with numerous applications running in the background. The Toshiba T130 Intel Celeron Single Core ULV Processor is a performer even in the toughest times. You will never feel disappointed with its output or generation time. When you demand, it simply delivers!

Viewing images and surfing the web is a sheer pleasure experience with the Toshiba T130. The multi-touch trackpad offers great usability with easy zooming, scrolling, and rotating ideal for such task purposes.

If you’re looking for great features you won’t find in any other netbook, checkout the Toshiba T130’s face recognition utility and 3D shock sensors. The face recognition system enables easy logging via the built-in webcam. While the 3D shock sensors protect the Toshiba T130 from data losses due to falls, shocks, or traumas.

Such protection comes with spacious room of hard drive space to store your music, videos, and documents. You will never feel the need to plug in an external hard disk as the Toshiba T130 accommodates your storage needs.

Toshiba T130 guarantees you optimum connectivity. With WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, and 3 USB ports, you will never have to worry about connecting to the internet or syncing and viewing your files.

If you’re going green, the Toshiba T130 makes it easier for you to make the move. The Toshiba T130’s build has undergone strict scrutiny and manufacturing procedures. Free from mercury, lead, cadmium, and other harmful elements, the Toshiba T130 is one of the most environment friendly netbooks on the market. The unique power saving utility not only helps you go green but also keeps your netbook running for hours and hours nonstop.

We were overwhelmed with happiness after trying out the Toshiba T130. Once again, the PORTÉGÉ series does not disappoint. The Toshiba T130 is the perfect balance between performance, flexibility, accessibility, and environment consciousness. We are willing to buy the Toshiba T130 for any given price tag for its quality and features are a great asset to any individual or home.

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